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Today, for the bitcoin price, with davinci j15, what a time to be alive, i mean guys, look at the bitcoin chart. Bitcoin is just doing nothing but but pumping up, especially since the elon musk news, the tesla news, and the most important question right now is, of course is this pump already over and we are going lower for a high high retracement, or are we actually going to See higher price levels above 50 000 us dollars. Well, we will be talking about something unfolding in the bitcoin charts, which points towards a specific direction. We will be talking about our trades about our current trades and about our future trades for bitcoin right now. Of course, we will be talking about ethereum. As you know, ethereum was also on this upwards trajectory breaking the previous all-time high breaking out of this rising, which i was actually mentioning earlier, exactly as predicted, but right now i want to know from da vinci. Are we actually going up for the 2000 us dollar levels, or are we going to face a rejection earlier? This is exactly what we are going to talk about today. So with that being said, i want to come directly to the most important question of today. Davinci j15. Finally, wearing a green shirt. Today, how are you doing today, my man in the pipe five by five? You know what, since uh elon musk came out and and tesla’s uh purchases, bitcoin rate, that that that’s a defining moment for bitcoin, actually yeah um, there’s going to be that that point in time is going to be before elon musk and after elon musk. I think we’re going to see bitcoin go to extreme highs, as fortune 500 companies add bitcoin to their balance sheet to protect against well to federal reserve. Basically – and this is why we see across the board when stocks, commodities and uh cryptocurrencies non-stop pumping pumpamentals across the board, it’s great it’s great! Thank you. You know what we need to say. Thank you to co to to uh mike neal neil cash, carrie and jerome powell. Thank you very much for printing all that money and helping us out nice people over there. Thank you so much big shout out to the federal reserve and yeah truly man. We are in this post elon world and i think it all started with like paypal and michael sailor and now eventually um yeah, michael’s, elon musk is probably starting. This big cascade of of um s, p 500 companies being incentivized to join as well. We will be talking, maybe about that later on right now. Everyone is interested in the immediate short term for bitcoin and ethereum how to trade it. Where are we going to? Did we already top out here at 48?

Let’S talk about that, maybe because you have very specific insights on the bitcoin ethereum chart right now. So let me just pull up a chart and we can start get going on that so um right now, um bitcoin has bounced off of uh off of a trend line that we’ve had for quite some time, uh. If we we scroll through, hang on the second message here there we go um, we scroll back right. You can see, remember this a symmetrical triangle that we were in and where we broke down on right. This trend line right represents that symmetrical triangle breakdown and, as you can see, it actually acted as resistance for us. This elon musk pump. So basically it’s like. Where do we go from here? Well, honestly, i think that this pump is just the beginning of something larger. I think we’re headed um right. Actually, this was an accidental trend line um it was an a b equals cd and i think we’re headed up to the 54 hundred dollar level here, as you can see, right uh. This is where the this av equal cd tops out and, of course, it’s not going to come in a straight line. So we’re going to have to see some sideways actions right here on the four hours, especially since the four hours quite a ways away from the 13ma. So i would expect us to bounce around here for a while and uh and um, and basically we’re gon na see like price action balance and then we’re going to go something higher right. So look for a w action here on your on the four hour to help you take a trade going higher in the meantime right, let’s go down to the one hour you can see that um yeah bitcoin has has reversed right. If we go down to even actually let’s go down to the shorter time frame, because you know what you can see, there’s a um head and shoulders pattern that was emerging, yeah, um and then bitcoin’s like uh yeah. You know what this is bitcoin, so no, no dumpage for you, we actually even already broke. I was already skeptical. That’S why i didn’t post it. Usually i’m posting all patterns, but like we we did even broke the neckline right, the horizontal neckline, but in the moment bitcoin came back and wanted to retest it. We just completely crushed through and invalidated it here. At least we invalidated the breakdown exactly that. That’S uh! No bitcoin well, this hasn’t been validated just yet we have to break uh. It would be nice to break down the first shoulder right, so that would be uh. That would be. That would be nice, because what what’s happening is if we don’t break that another that that shoulder we’re just creating uh lower highs, so that would not be uh positive in the immediate short term. Of course, that’s that’s! Okay! I think bitcoin, even though, if we broke down the um, the target is um, not that that low right i mean the target is approximately um 43 000, if i’m not mistaken, and so, if we take that down, you can see yeah approximately there so yeah, 44. 400: 44. 000.

Yeah, so there we go 43 seconds yeah, exactly as you can see the 43 700. Yes, that’s correct and so yeah um, that’s not the end of the world. Here right you can uh and i i would like to see a bounce them down there. Probably we’re going to get the bounce at the at the uh, either the the supporting support trend line here or at the the 200 period, moving average of the 15 minute here on this chart um and then then we will see what what happens there. We have to wait for the market to give us more information, give us some sort of trading pattern, because we don’t want to trade blindly here um. If we take a look at the fibs right where we would take where we’d see a turn based on the fibs right, you can see what we would do is draw from the last breakout. W that’s the best way to um to draw their fibs is from the from the top to the last breakout w and let’s just see what that is, and you can see the 61.8 is close to where we would see some sort of resistance. So maybe we break a little further further get closer to 61.8 and then they’ll go higher. So that’s: okay! That’S just re-testing our launchpad launch area of 42 000, and so that’s not that’s not a problem. If we come back down here um, i don’t think this bull market is invalid. I think we’re still headed back up heading up to the the 54 000 yeah. Maybe we wait for a trade down here right but uh. Of course, you always want to wait for the market to uh, to give you some sort of signal, but uh mountain man right um, one of the traders. I once knew uh he loved to hit the 61.8, so i i would have not uh. I would not. I would not be mad at you if you hit the 61.8 and wait patiently and just bought that 61.8 line, but i mean the the metal effect is. Maybe bitcoin is here due for a smaller retracement, but in the end of the day, 54 000. Us dollars are not off the table. I remember our article just a week ago or so, where we mentioned that, and i saw a few people heavily doubting that we were at like 33, 000 or so now. We at 54 doesn’t seem that unrealistic anymore right. So um, i’m personally having the same target here. I think it was in fibonacci extension or measurement price target of a bigger pattern, just beautiful to see that we have here the same price target 54 000, and i personally also think this is a very possible target here for talking about february and the immediate short Term because, as you always say, markets are forward discounting mechanism and the market understands the severity of this um tesla news. It’S not only about tesla right. It’S about the whole, the the whole impacts it will have um anyway, davinci so um yeah yeah. I wanted to point out all the haters right there’s a lot of there’s a lot of haters. This is just one of them. I posted in your mm crypto group which hey i’m a part of the mm crypto uh group. So if you want to ask me questions in that group, you can do so by uh. I think you have a link in the description below for the crypto group, uh telegram group, so yeah. I posted this uh message right, yeah, let’s wait! The people were uh. You know talking about 20k before this breakout and i’m like what are you smoking? Yeah? That’S, that’s! So 20k! You! If you get 20k, you you will be the you’ll, be so lucky to buy bitcoin at 20k. At this point, of course, i don’t see that ever happening. I don’t think you’ll ever see 28k again. What do you think? I know i i actually think the same. I was always saying well um, even at like 42 000, i thought well, we we we can go down like to 25k, like that. That would have been like one of my worst case scenarios or twenty three thousand twenty, four thousand or so um, and now, especially that we are that high. I i think sub 20k is very, very unlikely. I mean who knows right. Who knows i could live with that, i’m happy to do so, but um, i i don’t think it’s gon na happen anymore, but i don’t want to jinx it. So i’m not gon na make any statements yeah. Well, you know what i’ll be happy to buy bitcoin at 20k, i mean i’m sure a lot of us that the best a lot of people who miss the boat will be happy to buy a 20k bitcoin and uh yeah. It wouldn’t be nice right, of course, but i i remember cash every day, so you know what i can definitely use that cash to buy some more bitcoin uh on the cheap um. I’M sure everybody else will be happy about that, but not the short term, but in the long term. Yes, exactly in six months, people will be so jealous for everyone joining bitcoin. Today, at 47 000 they will say wow. You got it at 47, 000.

This is something you have to think about guys because we are in a bull market. It is, is going parabolic, we will have these retracements, but it’s gon na go more parabolic and the prices today will seem like a joke. Probably i can’t be wrong. Uh in like six months, seven months, eight months so um, it’s always a a question of the time horizon. Anyway. Let’S talk about ethereum as well. We broke the previous all-time high. We already came to the 1 800 us dollar levels. I think both yours, your target, was 1 900, so far mine was 9, 1950ish or so very, very close, and we came already close. The question is: are we going to go here close to the 2000 level to the predicted one to the measured move price target of this um of this falling wedge here for ethereum, or are we going to face a rejection now? What are your thoughts about that quickly? Maybe just my thoughts and then you can put it into perspective share yours. Everyone probably remembers how i was talking about this rising wedge. We broke out of this rising wedge. I told you you might get a second chance here at this um breakout confirmation that ethereum actually went higher. I have to say we didn’t hit my price target perfectly yet, but from my perspective it doesn’t look all too bad here, but um. You know that ethereum likes to screw everyone, so i want you to know here. What are your thoughts on ethereum? How are you trading it because i know you have this legendary trade on ethereum? You went in at 1 300 and you earn a massive profit right now. So what is your game plan davinci and yeah? I’M happy about that um, basically um! Normally, i would take profits here. I would start because the only reason why i would do that is because there’s a lot of pressure here on the on their side, basically they’re they’re they’re, coming in and selling um. Whenever there’s new um massive buying. You can see that on the volume here this volume you think okay. Well, this is great volume, that’s great! Yes, it is good volume. However, what you have to consider that for every person that’s buying and buying this candle up, there has to be a seller. There’S somebody selling this um this market in order for it to, for you to be a buyer at that price, and so that means there’s a lot of people selling at this price. So so who’s going to win in this uh scenario are the bears. Are the uh the bears gon na win, meaning that the people who are like? Oh, i got a lot of ethereum to sell you at 1800 approx 17.50. So i’m going to sell it and they are selling it. And if the bulls get exhausted, we could see a little bit of a short term done now. With that said, i’ve noticed a lot through ethereum is that ethereum loves to screw over the bears and the bulls, mostly the bears right so yeah uh yeah. I would be careful, although we see divergences here – all kinds of divergences right, there’s a divergence here on the rsi there’s a divergence in the volume there’s, divergence, um on the map d right, uh i’ll – be a little bit careful there um. I think i think ethereum is going to roll over to get the bears all happy and then we’re going to bounce and meet our target of 19 uh, approximately 1900 um before we actually see any kind of retracement, so i would be careful there now. How do you trade this? I would stay away from this as a trade unless you’re already in a trade and where you’re thinking about okay? Well, i’m just going to wait for the target or i’m going to take profits at this area here, um trying to trade. This uh at this point in time, uh. I would wait for some sort of uh trading pattern before you actually get into this um, whether to go short or go along in some in either way. So um, it’s a little dangerous here, because it can. It can really mess with you because they love to mess with both the bulls and the bears um ethereum. So i would be very, very cautious, yeah exactly exactly, and i mean it’s not it’s just not smart to jump on a on a leaving train after the pattern is before the pattern. That’S what i’m always saying, and there is a new pattern going to come. The moment to enter was actually when i was giving you this signal, and also davinci was talking about it. When we hear confirmed now, it’s not the time to enter, especially that your upside is limited. Now, with this measurement price target of 2 2 000 us dollars, we are already very, very close, so i would say the risk return ratio is maybe not all the the best year, something else which is interesting. Davinci you just mentioned it. We have um bearish divergence on the rsi on the macd, wherever on the volume and um. Sometimes we just have a lot of good news, for example bitcoin, five or six times in a row. It just ignored the bearish divergence on the rsi, so it is nice in sideways markets or like when bitcoin is not going all too crazy down or up very good to trade it. But in these crazy upwards markets, i’m personally not incorporating the rsi in my trading strategy, and i know that you are doing it also very, very cautiously, so good that you mentioned that. But at least something to keep in mind here since um, of course, ethereum. Technically it is over salty and not considering the fundamental events. Thank you so much for that da vinci. I have another very important question. Just everyone who’s watching that right now. You know that da vinci has amazing trades open. I have amazing trades open and it seems very easy here. This trade 360 000 us dollars in profit, then the one here over on buy but 1.33 million us dollars in profits seems easy. It’S not always that easy. You should only do that if you’re an experienced trader – if you are you know in the pin comment, you find these free bonuses, if you click the buy bit or fee max link after your initial deposit, you get hundreds of us dollars even 680 on femax. Few hundred on buy, but completely for free, you can only use with a trade with a free bonus but, as i said, if you are not experienced, you are running the danger of losing your money. So please be very, very cautious with that. In the pin comment down below more importantly, davinci, i’m still waiting here for you to come to mexico, but i know you have so busy with your token, with pandora’s wallet so um may you give give us maybe an update. What’S going on over there? Do you have any promotions upcoming or something else you would like to disclose yeah? If you want to watch my show live right. You can do so by heading over to right where, where you could actually subscribe to my telegram group and get pandora’s wallet for free as well, and you could be part of the show and you could i could. You could also see my whole portfolio. Let me just give you a quick glance at my portfolio right before you. We leave here. Let’S see if i have it up on the screen here: yeah there it is so there it is right there, uh 2.2 million dollars and right there is my portfolio. Uh, of course, portfolio and doing very nicely. So if you want to join me, you can check out my portfolio and what i’m buying, what i’m selling you can do so um by joining my telegram group by subscribing to davinci Also, if you want to just join the the um, the live stream, you can do that for just spending like oh right. Now, it’s a ten dollars for sure for uh for 0.05 of the dj 15 token. I know the unit swap is a little expensive to do that kind of trade. So we are developing a a web page to allow you to buy the dj 15 token and not have to pay the huge uni swap fees that that’s associated with trading on uni. Swap because of uh, you know uh ethereum’s high fees at this current time, because a lot everybody wants to buy and the the industry players are in this market they’re in this market because um, you know, people with uh large amount amounts of cash are, are few, Not are few and far between, and so, if you, if they’re in this market and they don’t mind 50, like me, i don’t mind 50 um transaction fees, then uh yeah. That means there’s a lot of us. That’S out there and uh. We outnumber the the smaller investors, so uh yeah. That means there’s the ethereum’s got a long way to go exactly exactly and everyone who is interested in that i can highly recommend you actually to check it out. It is davinci I will leave the link down below make sure you click it just visit the website and you will see all the things you want to see. I think um yeah like what was it like ten dollars or so to join the live streams. It’S a good deal. I would say right: anyone wants to complain being encrypted about ten dollars to join, live streams ahead of time here. Uh, i think, that’s a great offer. The link is down below in the article description in the pin comment down below. Thank you everyone for watching, thanks for watching until the very end and um yeah with that being said, i wanted to ask you da vinci: do you have any last words to share before we are wrapping up today’s article? Yes, always play from a position of strength and do not get wrecked. Do not get great guys. Thank you so much for watching what a great time to be alive. I said it initially already. Thank you so much for all your support, thanks for liking, thanks for watching until the very end sharing the article with your friends. It truly helps it supports the algorithm and of course you are the reason why we are doing that every single day. With that being said guys, we will see each other very soon at the next one of m encrypt and as always guys, as always click the mm crypto and, more importantly, the davinci j15 subscription box right here and right there and also the barbecue, which is popping Up right here and as always guys as always bye, bye,

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